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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

The Buddy Holly Story - free admission
Trekkies 2 - Netflix Instant
Machete Maidens Unleashed! - Netflix Instant
Aisha Tyler is Lit: Live at the Fillmore - Netflix Instant
Wrong - free admission
Winnebago Man - Netflix Instant
Kevin Nealon: Now Hear Me Out - Netflix Instant
Pocahontas - Netflix Instant
Barbarella - Netflix Instant
Girls Gone Dead - Netflix Instant
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder - Netflix Instant
Bill Burr: Let It Go - Netflix Instant
Jim Gaffigan: Mr Universe - Netflix Instant
Stolen - Netflix Instant

Watched the second Trekkie documentary hosted by Denise Crosby. And hardcore Trekkies still scare me, now with international terror.

Followed that up with another documentary about the exploitation film industry of the Philipines in the '60s, '70s & early '80s.

And then Aisha Tyler's stand up special, which was okay.

Went out to the Drafthouse to see Wrong, which was all kinds of absurd. I followd that up with a second viewin' of The Host, because a friend of mine wanted to see it.

And Drafthouse has a "don't talk" PSA from the "Winnebago Man", so I decided to watch that documentary on Netflix when I got back from the theater the other ngiht.

And since I had the house to myself last night, I went kinda nuts with the Netflix, watchin' a mix of animation, stand up, and cheesy B movies.

Seriously, watchin' stand up specials on Netflix makes me want to stop listenin' to 102.7 here in Austin...seems like I've already heard all the best jokes while drivin' back & forth to work!

Watchin' Stolen, starrin' Nicolas Cage, on Netflix now, since I can't seem to get to sleep.

Alamo Drafthouse got the new Evil Dead and Jurassic Park 3D this week, so I'll be goin' to see those in the near future, plus some of the specialty screenings.
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