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Re: Enterprise Cutaway Coming From Dragon Models

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The studio would then turn around, confidently pronounce that "Trek is dead" (again) and that there was no more point to investing any money into the franchise, as (in their pinched little minds) nobody is interested any more.
On the bright side we had this beautiful Polar Lights 1/350 TOS Enterprise model kit in a "compatible" release timeframe.

If its sale figures are good or even better that should be a good indicator how much actual interest there still is in TOS products (or high quality products - i.e. model kits - where sales aren't limited to die hard trekkers only).

Inevitably there'll be some comparison between the sales figures of both of these Enterprise miniatures. Hopefully these will pave the road for more high quality products (yes, I still want my 1/35 TOS studio set assembly kit where I can "lego" together various sections of the ship. That would enable us to create a 1/35 version of the starship ).

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