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Re: Star Trek/Star Wars have switched places!

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That's a really good question. I know from reading your comments you are no stranger to the Prime Novelverse, how do you feel about it?

Me, if I pick up a prime universe novel then I expect to have threads of the prime universe present. I'd be pretty off-set to be reading along and suddenly the characters Noika phone rings. Point is I'd rather the two universe identity's be kept separate. [/butthurt]
I think it'll come down to the execution. 2007's Star Trek Academy: Collision Course already featured a version of Earth similar to what the new movies depict (with communicators as phones and flying cars), although that was based on an unsold pitch for a new young Kirk/Spock/academy TV series and didn't quite ring true as a direct prequel to TOS. It was also a century prior to TNG, so the world may have changed quite a bit in the interim. I can't quite picture Picard or Worf riding a bus around San Francisco or Riker stuck in traffic in his flying car, but what would really be the alternative? They surely can't have walked or beamed everywhere in their whole lives.

As for Qo'nos, the Countdown to Darkness #4 preview has a panel showing the TNG Klingon city matte painting. I can believe that it's part of the enourmous machine city we see Kirk and Spock flying their shuttle through in the Into Darkness trailers. And it may be coincidence, but all that thick cloud cover made me think of The Final Reflection's version of the Klingon homeworld.
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