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Re: Star Trek/Star Wars have switched places!

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The error in his logic is that the show in no way is saying that the tech Kirk and crew use later is less advanced than Archers. This is an area where as the viewer you have to look through shutters to a degree. It all comes down to the production of the show and the year it was produced.

Things available in 2000 are obviously more advanced that what was on hand in the 60s. You have to choose to not look at how outdated a device is on Enterprise because in the world of Star Trek its further advanced that what is being used on Archer's Enterprise even if aesthetically it looks more advanced.
Exactly. The makers of TOS didn't want it to look like it was made with 1960s technology. They wanted to make it look as futuristic as possible, but they were limited by the technology and budget they had available. What they showed us was just a suggestion of an underlying "reality" that was supposed to be more futuristic. And that's why they didn't hesitate to update the hell out of everything when TMP came along and they finally had a big budget to work with. Had Roddenberry himself had the chance to do a prequel to TOS with more money and higher technology available to create it with, he absolutely would've made it look more advanced. Given the chance to redo TOS itself, he would've done the same. He wouldn't have confused the limits of execution for the underlying intent the way many fans do. That's just too literal-minded.

And really, if you look past the details of execution and focus on the underlying design, TOS does look more futuristic than ENT. ENT-era technology looks more similar to our own, has more recognizable limitations. The consoles on the bridge have cooling fans in them. There are handholds everywhere in case of artificial-gravity failure. It's got all sorts of practical details like that. TOS design is more abstract, more minimalist, more removed from recognizable, practical design. And so that gives it the flavor of a more sophisticated, perhaps alien-influenced technology based on principles that our technology hasn't devised yet.
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