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Re: ''Schindler's List'' Special Remastered Edition, Colorized and 3-D

Indeed. I did like him until the moment he took over TONIGHT. But now it's time for major boo-boo triage.

Pingfah's last post was dead-on and I am beyond humilation. I left out the one word that would've made my senseless sentence sensible. (Even though I swear I remember actually typing it in previously). But here's the non egg-faced version:

''It makes you wonder how far it would have financially grossed without the color, since the only major black-and-white action film since 1965 just might be SIN CITY.''

Yeesh. (But now they may get the impression I consider SAVING PRIVATE RYAN an action film, though I do not.)

Most of the major ''modern'' B%W films seem to put in a minute or two of color for different reasons (RAGING BULL, SCHINDLER, SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT, RUMBLE FISH, etc.)

Now, as for ''seeing a film that was meant to be seen'' (in 3-D), which has probably been said for other re-releases besides JURASSIC PARK (which I never enjoyed in 2-D)....isn't that basically admitting that its 1993 original release was a complete refundable waste of our time?
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