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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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ENTERPRISE S1 set arrived yesterday, and I'm slowly picking my through it. One thing I noticed straight away, which won't make any difference to anyone in the US, but makes this worth reowning, is the different sounding audio. Because our SD TV system is PAL, everything film-based is sped up slightly. I doubt many in the UK even notice. More and more do, as they watch films on a format capable of 24 frames per second.

Even "Faith of the Heart" sounds a bit more tolerable now it's deeper!
This was the first thing I noticed when I watched the TNG Blu-ray sampler disc last year. It was the first time I've ever heard any Star Trek show at the correct pitch. An unbelievable difference; I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't notice.

I have literally every single series on DVD, all PAL. That means I'll have to upgrade to Blu-ray all at once - no way can I stand changing pitch mid-series. Madness!

EDIT: It also means all our episodes are slightly shorter. We've been getting ripped off for years!
I switched between "Terra Nova" on DVD and Blu ray. In some respects, the perfect episode to choose for a comparison given beyond the first watch the story isn't up to much. So I can focus on technical stuff like the picture and sound quality. Both played on a Sony Blu ray, so the old edition is upscaled to try and compete with the new.

Oh dear god! Scott Bakula sounds hilarious going back to Region 2 DVD. Must be hellium in the ship's air filtration! Totally different. I'm going to have a problem going back to watching those!

The Blu ray picture improvements are more subtle but I am noticing more from time to time. Great detail and movement in the trees, during Reed's pursuit of a Novan. FX shot will probably glean more background stars in focus and sharper onscreen text. The framing now fills the overscan area with edges that were lost before. Where it had been blanked off at the sides previously and almost 15:9 at times. The different colour grading doesn't seem noticable and I suspect there isn't any that's been purposely done. This is how it's supposed to be seen and converting to NTSC and then PAL for us lot overseas, probably introduced different hues from each system.
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