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How do I have sex with my girlfriend?

Ok first of, don't take the title of this thread too literally

Also I hope this isn't too graphic or anything, if so mods let me know.

So basically I've been seeing this girl for just over 2 months. Now the problem is it's hard to find places/moments to be "intimate" especially as we both live with our parents still.

My house is pretty small, and my mum only works a few hours a day in the morning and spends most of the time at home, so very rarely do I have a free house for very long, especially at night.
Similar problems exist at her house as she has 3 younger brothers, mum and step-dad and again like me her house is rarely empty.

So the other option is cars. But this is the UK, and maybe unlike the US not everyone has massive vehicles. Her car is pretty small and almost impossible to do much more than make out in. Mine is a little bit bigger but it's certainly not the most comfortable place to be when trying to have full sex.
Also, this winter here has certainly not been warm! The thing is with being in a car, 10-20 minutes after you've parked up its starts getting pretty cold, which doesn't really help the situation. Even now in April, last night it was freeeeezing.

So I just wondered if anyone's been in a similar position with a partner? Hotel rooms are an option, and we've done that once or twice, but it's hardly a feasible recurring option given the prices. It's just getting pretty lame and I'm a bit worried she might get fed up and go find "solace" elsewhere.
What else can I really do? Thanks

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