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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

Green Lantern wrote: View Post
*Ok, even if the excuse is good enough, do you really want Collin Baker back wearing that awful coat as an 80 or something year old man?

I don't have to find The Doctor sexy to like him. That is such a New Who ideology.

i'd be HUGELY disappointed if we don't get any classic Doctors but I assume we'll get a few. I think Ten will be the main companion but we'll get a few nice cameos from the older ones.

The Stig wrote: View Post
The previous incarnation of Who has very little to do with this one.
Do you even watch the same show as us? This is the series where we've just had two Great Intelligence stories in a row, with upcoming Ice Warriors, Cybermen and Zygon stories.

Doctor Who did not start with David Tennant. I can't believe the disrespect shown to it from posters in this thread. "Collin"?, "Hartnel"? "Troughtan", "Davidson"? This better be a wind-up.

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