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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

Other than having to pay more attention to corners and assuming the cars are actively attempting to kill you (assume they don't ever see you and you'll be much safer), the knowledge section isn't really anything much different from a car test.

It's the actual riding bit that's tricky

How does CA work? Does this result in a permit, and you get a road test later? Or do they incorporate all of that into the class itself? Personally, I like that Rhode Island does the latter. They provide the bikes, you take the class, ends in the test from MSF basic rider class. You pass that, you get a permit, and can just trade it in after 30 days for a license, no more testing. In other states, you just take written test at DMV, they give you a permit, and you can be in the road! Dangerous situation that way, better that the learning is in controlled environment, and on smaller (250cc) bikes.
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