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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

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Oh no, I wouldn't want a female doctor. It just wouldn't work. I'm not being sexist (or at least I don't intend to be), but I think a female Doctor would ruin the show forever. That might be the one thing that would make me stop watching the show. What next, pink sonic screwdrivers, Davros getting a manicure, tall biff men with biceps the size of Brighton as companions, pinkish move inside tradis, a slight purplish tinge to the outside tardis, cyber women, female Sontarans, bitch fights between the female doctor and female Silurians? No thank you!
How about if it was Georgia Moffett ?
Still no. No matter who portrays a female doctor, I would hate it. Even if she played I well, the concept itself is so awful I wouldn't be able to see past that.

I really don't know all this fuss about a female doctor, I think it would be a terrible idea.
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