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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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I tend to agree with your reasoning for the most part. But what makes me wonder about the amount of money that CBS will be willing to invest in DS9/Voyager is the fact that both seemed to struggle in strip syndication.

Neither series seemed to have much life after their first runs here in the States.
I think they've been more widely syndicated than Enterprise, but you may be right. HD remasters are hardly a sure thing for either series, because syndication revenues are the main reason to make the investment. In comparison, home video is ancillary revenue, the market for which is rapidly shrinking.
Are you sure they only look at syndication revenues? From what I heard Season 1 of TNG in HD made its money back just from blu ray sales in the first few months. Also there is the money they make from people watching online through Netflix etc. Who sits down in front of broadcast TV these days anyway? The elderly thats who and they wouldn't watch Star Trek even if they were payed to do so. Therefore, I'm sure they take all types of possible revenue into account. I'm also sure they look ahead and have thought about how they will be selling this stuff in 5-10 years. Online watching will play an even greater role then.
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