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Re: New Possible Spoiler for Harrison and One Other Possible Big Spoil

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We now Harrison is working for Starfleet ...
We do? For certain?

Has their been an actual confirmation of this from someone actually involved in the production?
Yes, multiple times. In fact, here's the word from Orci earlier this week.
Funny, because what Orci says doesn't actually confirm that Harrison is working for Starfleet at all. What he actually says of Harrison "Well he understands Starfleet because he was enlisted in a similar way." and "He too has gone through the [Starfleet training] process to some degree". That doesn't actually confirm him as being enlisted by Starfleet, nor working for Starfleet, let alone as one of their "top agents". In fact, it makes it sound as though he was enlisted in a group other than, but similar to, Starfleet, which utilizes many of the same processes, protocols and procedures. Maybe even going through some training with Starfleet personnel, even though they aren't Starfleet personnel.

You know, in much the same way that various law enforcement agencies other than the FBI send personnel to the FBI training facility at Quantico to take select parts of the same training that Bureau agents get, even though they're not actually Bureau agents themselves. They too go "through the process to some degree", and I'd imagine many of them were enlisted into their various agencies in a way that was very similar to how FBI agents are enlisted.

Our local SWAT guys trained at Quantico, but most certainly don't work for the FBI or any other federal agency.
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