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Re: TNG: The Stuff of Dreams by James Swallow Review Thread (Spoilers!

Great to have a new 24th century outing before later this year. Also, the Kinshaya appear to be underused to me, so it was an extra bonus to see them again and get an update on their political situation since The Struggle Within.

Concerning e-books and generally shorter stories: You can have complete stories that don't feel rushed. I'm used to reading Heftromane (pulp fiction?) in series. There's a new novel coming out every two weeks. Condensed on 64 pages, it still manages to tell a complete adventure and toeing the line between standalone (so that new readers can pick up any novel) and serialisation (ongoing plot thread, usually resolved every 50 novels).

Do be honest, I've read only a part of SCE by now but I plan to revisit the series in full sometime but I'm lagging behind on other series that I want to complete reading first.

These short stories are a nice way to answer the question "Whatever happened to the planet of the week afterwards?", as SCE did it sometimes (e.g. Progress).
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