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Re: TOS Caption Contest #271: The Tholian Caption

Ensign Ackbar: Bet you twenty quatloos he says "logical" in the next thirty seconds.
Uhura: You're on, fool.
Spock: Ensign Ackbar, talking during a briefing is not log-
Ackbar: Mmmm?
Spock: -Like.
Ackbar: Awwww.
Spock: As a Vulcan, log-
Ackbar: Mmmm?
Spock: -istically speaking, we have to make the shipment rendezvous on time.
Ackbar: Awwww.
Spock: I told the captain it would not be log-
Ackbar: Mmmm?
Spock: -aniaceae dicotyledonous plants of the order Gentianales, but magnoliopsid.
Ackbar: Awwww.
Uhura: Pay up, fool.
Spock: Logically.

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