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Re: VOY The Second Time Around

"Time and (...oh boy, not) Again"

Didn't we just recently have a temporal headache episode? And by "recently" I mean the previous episode. But at least that episode had some character development. This episode unfortunately didn't do much for me at all.

It starts with Tommy trying to talk Harry into going on a double date with him and the Delaney sisters. So we're reminded here that Tom is a ladies' man and Harry is an uptight, though loyal guy who doesn't want to cheat on his girlfriend back home. "You need to run a self diagnostic," Tom says to Harry. By the way, where is Dick on this show? We've got Tom and Harry.

Anyway, there's this planet that apparently recently had a nuclear-like accident which wiped out every living being on the surface. While investigating, Tom and Janeway are pulled several hours into the past through a time fracture, apparently a random side effect of the accident. Turn the lights on suddenly for dramatic effect there, Sammy!

Ohhh yeah, the classic "Janeway is shocked look." Work it, Captain! Then, they meet the most annoying boy in Trek history.

You know, the kind of screaming kid you see while you're trying to relax and do some gift shopping and his mom is texting and carting, not disciplining him! NOT DISCIPLINING! Ahhhgggh!!

And so, then Janeway and Tom trade in their uniforms for some of the most rockin' attire in Trek history.

Yeah! Giant colorful stripes! Oh baby. Meanwhile on Voyager, Kes is crying because she's turning into a Betazoid.

Then the doctor learns not only are there two new alien crew members (Kes and Neelix), but there's also a second crew of new passengers (the Maquis), and oh yes -- the Captain is missing.

"It seems I've found myself on the voyage of the damned..." Or the voyage of the boooring. At least the doc's scene is somewhat humorous.

So Janeway and Tom decide it's a good idea to bust up in the middle of a demonstration that's obviously turning violent. Just wait a couple of minutes, it looks like it's clearing up and...

...ouch. Nevermind. So they're captured. And Janeway tries to strategically let her hair fall ever so delicately down the front of her chest in an attempt to talk her captors into letting them go, or stopping whatever is about to happen that is going to wipe out all life on the planet.

*sexy growl*

So the rest of the crew come up with a way to open a fracture to bring Janeway and Tom back. But they open the fracture too close to the big nuclearesque power source. And Janeway realizes that their rescue attempt is what actually caused/causes the disaster...though somehow she apparently didn't realize this the first time, even though absolutely nothing is different this time. Now I didn't take Temporal Mechanics 101 at the Academy, so correct me if I'm wrong -- but this makes no sense.

Anyway, the timeline is fixed (because the writers say so), the planet is okay, and the crew has no memory of the events we just wasted an hour of our lives watching. But at least we get a beautiful smile from our lovely Captain at the end of the episode.

So overall, I'm afraid I must give this episode one thumb up, a crying Kes, a bored Tuvok, a sigh and a shrug.

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