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Re: disney, and the star wars eu

To Disney, Star Wars means the recognizable elements - Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Artoo, ole Darth - the characters that a random person in a mall in Cleveland could rattle off from memory. That's what they paid $4 billion for.

Expecting them to value the EU is like expecting them to care about Snow White's backstory from the original tale. (Whatever happened to poor Rose Red anyway?)

My main question is about ole Darth. Once upon a time, he was the Star Wars brand's single most valuable asset. When the first two movies came out, he was everyone's favorite character.

Sure, his brand has been badly tarnished but Disney isn't going to give up on a asset with such huge underlying value. They'll find a way to resurrect the guy, either with James Earl Jones or a sound-alike.
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