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Very pretty pics. I don't remember ever seeing a photograph of your mom. Is this the first one of her that you've posted?
I think I've posted this one before:

I like that picture, because she looks like me a bit. I don't really look like either of my parents, but in the rare photo you can tell. Me, looking like my mom:

My mom is an amazing woman. She's been through more than most people could even imagine (she won't write a memoir because she says no one would believe it, and that's probably true), and though things were hard for our family, she always did everything she could for us kids. I hate to play the stereotypes, but she is the Strong Indian Woman.

She beat abuse, racism, drug addiction, poverty, homelessness, and cancer. Three years ago she was in a wheelchair, barely able to walk. Now she doesn't even use a cane, just her leg brace:

This is her at my age. I took this picture:

And I can see my big brother's face in her's. He's gone now, but he was out and proud at 15, and was always loved and accepted because of my mom's strength. I took this picture too, the year before he died (I was 12):

And here she is with my little sister, still having a sense of humor despite the shit hand life dealt her, and leaving me to wonder again how someone so white could have come from some one so brown:

And that is my impromptu tribute to my amazing mother.

ETA: And one more, because fuck it, I'm sentimental on ambien, and she looks as beautiful at 53 with her grandson as she ever did!


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