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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

change back post 196 to say you respect my point of view! i saw it but you deleted all the text before i could grab it in a quote!

it was something like:

randomfan86 wrote: View Post
i can repect your position, however i must disagree.
what happened, came off too reasonable or something?

randomfan86 wrote: View Post
junxon wrote: View Post
but thats a better arguement than your actual arguement.

i mean i'd comment on the crazy exaggerations, but all your rambles have been like that. points for not repeating eveything again though
Nope those are the logical conclusions of all your arguments and show how insane they are. Points for putting three lines of thought into that comment instead of your usual one
my 'insane' arguement was all torture is bad and cain was a poor captain. yeah insane.

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