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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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Cool, you can have Mandella, Mother Theresa, and Ghandi leading your war. I'll take FDR, Lincoln and Cain..,you can keep the change.
Sorry Randomfan, but I've been making some pointless references to boy bands because I wanted to dodge your points. Let me address what I think of FDR and Lincoln.

FDR and Lincoln are war criminals that should be punished. Lincoln immorally killed thousands of civilians by purposely destroying their food and homes. He was fighting a war? Screw that, and screw all the blacks he might have been thinking about. What about those poor children he killed? MY FAVORITE MOMENT IN THE MOVIE WAS WHEN BOOTH SHOT HIM.

FDR was an immoral individual for what he did. He should be tried for war crimes and I'M GLAD HE DIED OF POLIO AS A WRETCHED OLD MAN. THAT WAS MY FAVORITE MOMENT OF THE WAR. HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED!!!111 The old bastard got what was coming to it. Forget that he was dealing with an unprecedented situation in the history of his civilization.

Furthermore add Obama to that list. I condemn him too. He refuses to investigate the previous administration. He also continues the practice of rendition...sending detainees to meaner intelligence agencies where in some cases THEY ARE RAPED. There's even been a case of where an INNOCENT person, not participating in genocide of individuals or anything have been RAPED. Furthermore his spokesman said in reference to the administration killing a 16-year old US citizen "he should've had a better father."

Context is Lincoln Park!


Furthermore, I think you're engaging in dastardly straw-manning..this claim is baseless of course, but I'm going to lazily straw-man you anyway. Booyah.
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