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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Anyone care to speculate on how you'd make the zombies a bigger threat without converting them into fast zombies?

Because everyone in the group has developed skills on how to kill them - even up close - without fear or even a gun
Numbers... Herds of them. There must be billions of them on the whole. We see that they eat anything living. Well, as the cities are depleted of living sustenance, they'll be spreading out to where wild life is, big time.

As for an improvement, I'd like to see them show a few more human traits though, like climbing. If that hunger is so strong, they'll climb a fence. They climbed a tank. They are reanimated primates after all. That's been one drawback of how they were depicted this season at the prison. The other is their strength. Twice this season they were unable to break through a partially rolled down car window. I could do that, if I was crazy enough

However, I'm getting the feeling this is not completely a horror show, & even when it is, the zombies are only a part of that, as this season illustrates. So the zombies don't have to be a constant horror for the show to be good
Oh yeah... I just remember the other way they've stolen some of the threat zombies should have, the infectiousness. They're way too comfortable being in contact with or close proximity to zombies, & that's primarily because I've seen so much on this show overlooked, that could be qualified as an exposure to the disease

Michonne had her entire head smashed into an aquarium full of zombie head soup. They play way too loose with the exposure factor imo
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