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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

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I think the format of the thread title is a bit tasteless.
How so? Reading the thread now, I can find nothing --nothing-- objectionable about the format of this thread.

Anyway, this is sad news to hear but, at the same time, I guess not too surprising given his age and health issues. I didn't always agree with the man and found many a problem with the way some of his reviews were written (many times getting off-point and not criticizing the movie's story or how it was made but, rather, meaningless side issues.) /QUOTE]

You don't 'get' what movie reviews are about, really, do you? Those "meaningless side issues" were exactly the kinds of things that you're supposed to find in movie reviews. It sounds more like you read his reviews hoping for summaries of the films. There's a marked difference between the two. And while yes, a good film review should offer some commentary on the technical stuff, the writing, etc. including the ideas and thoughts that a film might posit or elicit in its viewers is completely, totally ok and actually, I find, quite preferable.
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