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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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Something that really bothered me about Voyager is how EXTREMELY CHEAP the interior of the ship looked. The enterprise D was very elegant. The bridge was distinct and all the primary stations were recognizable. The defiant was also very detailed and well designed.


..Everything seems to be made of this icky fisher price looking gray plastic
They're the same sets as TNG.

..The helmsmen sits in an office depot desk chair
So? Chair design isn't likel;y to change all that much, considering how it's stayed fairly static for the last several centuries.

..The captains chair isnt even iconic like it is on the Enterprise A, B, C, D and E... or the Defiant.. That bothered the shit out of me.
It's a workplace, not a throne room.

..There seem to be at least 4 different "conference" rooms. They are so drab and spartan you dont care if they are deciding the fate of the galaxy or planning a tea party
And what are these four? I can think of the briefing room and the ready room, which function exactly as they did in TNG.

..No Ten Forward or Bar.. instead the crew spend all their time in a holodeck???
Yeah, if they had a mess hall or something, that would have been better.

..Engineering is only SLIGHTLY better but not by much. I hate to keep rehashing it but when you were in engineering on geordi's enterprise, you knew and felt it.
Voyager's engineering is pretty distinctive.

..Having the nacelles go into "flight mode" everytime you go to warp is ridiculous. How long does it take to angle the pylons 45 degrees before you engage? Just long enough for someone to take out the warp drive? (which seems to happen constantly)
Constantly? I doubt it. I'm not sure off the top of my head, but I doubt there were any more than a handful of times when an enemy shot disabled their warp drive when the shot was fired immediately before they went to go to warp. And the same thing happened on TNG as well.
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