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Re: Star Trek/Star Wars have switched places!

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Serves everyone right who ever slammed Trek novels with, " least Star Wars novels are canon!"

At the same time post-Nemesis Star Trek is a free for all that will almost certainly never be contradicted by future canon.
I'm actually quite curious how the Primeline novels will react to Into Darkness. Will future novelverse depictions of Earth and Qo'nos incorporate stuff from the new movie versions? Especially with regard to future Earth - of which we canonically know so little.
That's a really good question. I know from reading your comments you are no stranger to the Prime Novelverse, how do you feel about it?

Me, if I pick up a prime universe novel then I expect to have threads of the prime universe present. I'd be pretty off-set to be reading along and suddenly the characters Noika phone rings. Point is I'd rather the two universe identity's be kept separate. [/butthurt]
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