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Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have a quick question and don't want to start a new thread. In preparation for the new book, I've started a rewatch of 'Enterprise'. I was watching "Minefield" and became a little confused when the Romulan ships decloaked. In the Enterprise books, I thought the Romulans weren't able to cloak ships yet, just objects like mines. Yet in this ep, they can cloak their ships just fine. Am I remembering things incorrectly?
I think those ships are described as experimental prototypes in "The Good That Men Do". There's somekind of catastrophic failure because of the power requirements IIRC. It might explain why the Romulan heard over the hail, seemed so concerned about espionage and the prospect humans might be spying on them.

Another idea to make these cloaks consistent with TOS "Balance of Terror" could be what those flea-like Drones were shown doing in Season 4. Maybe they're using somekind of holographic technology across their hulls... projecting what's around, instead of another starship design. Leaving what we understand to be cloaking technology in later Star Treks, something a lot more complicated? Involving something not possible any earlier, like shifting a profile into subspace beyond any ability to see it. Enterprise occasionally slipped cloak into its dialogue, but more often went out their way to use less futuristic terms like stealth technology or camouflage. Yeah. Not perfect, I know...
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