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Re: Favourite Doctor?

Eccelston is my fave, hands down.

After that it's a three way tie between Tom Baker, Hartnell and Troughton.

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Meh, I don't know why Smith's so popular. Although I like him as a doctor, a lot of his episodes have been terrible in my opinion.
The exact same can be said of Tennant and Eccelston's runs as well.

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How come Smith's so popular all of a sudden. I remember clearly when David Tennant was being hailed as the best Doctor since Tom Baker.
There was a lot of push back on Tennant when he took over from Eccelston because to a new generation of fans, Eccelston was the first Doctor. Eventually Tennant grew on people and got popular. Which is what's happened with Smith. Who ever is the current Doctor tends to win most of the popularity polls. The same will happen with then next guy.
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