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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x09 "The Measure Of A Man"

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It's a pretty weak episode until the Picard/Guinan Ten Forward scene and the court room scene that follows. The rest of it is just sort of flat.
Really? I didn't think that at all, quite the opposite. The only real minor flaw in the episode is the Picard/Guinan scene imo, because it's somewhat heavy handed & a little hard to swallow that he'd be fighting for someone's liberties & not have thought of what taking someone's liberties would ultimately mean, second class citizenship & possibly slavery

Granted though, it's a futuristic sci-fi, so you can buy into him being evolved enough to have let that slip by him... I guess. Plus, it was wonderfully performed by Stewart & Goldberg, so that kind of makes up for it being the "Hard sell" of the script

Certainly doesn't diminish it's brilliance as an episode on the whole though. It's the 1st truly great episode they made
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