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Re: Inner Light and other alternate reality episodes

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I only want to chime in on a common nitpick of the episode...that after 30 years of living an alternate life, Picard shouldn't be able to remember how to fix a stopped up toilet, nevertheless run a starship: I can only assume that the probe was designed to prevent such opposed to what happened to O'Brien later down the line.
A very valid point. DS9 at least had O'brien out of sorts for a week after his traumatic experience, even if he went from about to kill himself to perfectly fine the next week. They could've had Picard take the next week off rehabilitating or something.

As for all the mind rape accusations? Well it's a valid point. Picard had no choice, from his view his life was stolen and replaced by one of someone else's choosing. Sure it was well intentioned, but it was a violation. The only difference between this and Voyager's Memorial is that intent. The Inner Light's probe just wanted Picard to witness and live their culture so they'd be remembered. Memorial wanted everyone to live through their crimes so everyone would know what dicks they are.

The Inner Light's rapist just turned out to be a nice fellow despite the rape. Whereas Memorial's wasn't. Don't get me wrong, Inner Light was a great episode(and Memorial wasn't), but it doesn't change the fact that they did violate Picard to the very core.
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