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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

It's a standard design.

Can they only staff Intrepid Star Ships with iconic Captains who can overcome the limited seating plan when all the other shitty Captains get propped up booster seats that clearly define them as in charge for idiots looking for a delineated pecking order...


Putting the Captain in the centre, on the highest chair is a "language".

I am big.

I am tall.

Taller than you.

Fear me, respect me, glorify me.

It's subliminal inference for first contact with backward assholes who are afraid of fuckers from the high-ground still... Which voyager didn't have.

Voyager's Skillset was never intended for first contact or exploration because it's bridge layout is not being used to manipulate the small minded into subconsciously kowtowing.
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