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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

Brannon Braga is a bit harsh about "Terra Nova" during the documentary. (ENT episode not the recent series with that name, obviously.) They bleeped out his swears on my copy. Yes, it's no classic. Many hundreds of episode aren't. But I always found it had a real TOS episode feel about it... So I felt the need to check it out again. Let's see doomed colonists, humans gone a bit native, using projectile weapons. Archer arguing they're human and should be brought home. T'Pol saying there's a whole Novan culture now. Perfectly fine ideas for Enterprise to explore and something no other Star Trek (except possibly TOS) could do. Great to hear about history between First Contact and 2151. That bit where the camera lingers on Malcolm spinning the wheel on an abandoned bike, is an homage to "Miri" I'm sure. The photography's beautiful on location, and dark enough to make the in-studio caves seem convincing.

The thing I like about it, having been attacked and chased out of the caves... is the continuity kept when Archer is discussing what happened down on the planet. He's still dirtied up, clearly having just that minute got out of the shuttlepod and called his bridge crew to the situation room at the back. Something about the direction at times. It's like the camera is that extra person following people around from place to place.

I'm undecided how much of an improvement it is picture quality wise. I'll dig out my DVD and give that a watch now to refresh my memory. Which, I guess means "Terra Nova". Ah. I'll still have to skim through it in SD, I suppose. While I can still remember it fresh.

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