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Re: Inner Light and other alternate reality episodes

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But I don't think it's unreasonable to say, "Hey, can you spare 20 minutes of your time to remember our civilization now that we're all dead?" I mean, it's hard to be angry it, when you put it that way.
It's easier, when you put it like this

"Hey, can you spare 20 minutes to let us make you think you've been tossed out of your life, and stranded on a world to live someone else's life, where you have to become one of us to survive, only to grow old & watch the people you'll end up caring about die, or face extinction? Hey... look on the bright side. You'll get to go back with a shattered identity. What do you say? You up to it... Kamin? No? Too effing bad. Should've just fired on our probe"

I'd be surprised if it didn't take him months just to get use to being called Jean-Luc Picard again. I wouldn't call it mind rape. I'd reserve that nomenclature for what Troi went through in "Violations".

Troi got mind raped
Geordi got brainwashed
& Picard got mind fucked

Maybe it's splitting hairs... but that's just my own opinion on how to describe it, but I still think it's a good episode
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