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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

Oh no, I wouldn't want a female doctor. It just wouldn't work. I'm not being sexist (or at least I don't intend to be), but I think a female Doctor would ruin the show forever. That might be the one thing that would make me stop watching the show. What next, pink sonic screwdrivers, Davros getting a manicure, tall biff men with biceps the size of Brighton as companions, pinkish move inside tradis, a slight purplish tinge to the outside tardis, cyber women, female Sontarans, bitch fights between the female doctor and female Silurians? No thank you!

And I don't know what all the fuss about this Benedict Cumberbatch is all about. I don't like his look at all. He might, just might be able to pull of the Master by the skin of his teeth, but the Doctor. Oh no!

Brian Cox might work, but he's not really an actor.
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