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Re: Voyager Weirdness

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Voyager seems to be several steps backward. I am only halfway through the series 3 though.

Some of the things i've noticed are:

* The Voyager non-humans looked really.. well.. HUMAN. Kes might as well have been a chick I dated in highschool, Tuvok looks more human than vulcan, B'Lanna is like Meg Griffin with a head injury (look at her compared to Kaylar)
Meg Griffin with a head injury!!! LOL.. yeah I always hated how un-klingon B'Lana looked and acted... Kaylar was freaking HOT....and Lursa and B'Tor got me through puberty..

As for Neelix.. I did like the character but i always thought Quark was a better written "comedy relief" character ... Neelix is more like Rom with a bachelors degree

I agree Tuvok didnt look vulcan either. But I always thought Spock looked a little too human ( i guess thats acceptable since he's only half)..Also didnt like the way his brother Sybok looked..and he's supposed to be FULL blooded vulcan....Dunno what the makeup artist was thinking making him look like Kenny Rogers..

Vulcans should generally look like this. Notice how prominently the ears and eyebrows stand out:

(Sorry for the link thingy..How do you guys get pictures to show up in the actual post?)

Eyebrows and Ears on Vulcans/Romulans are supposed to have symmetry

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