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Re: The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner

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Colin Baker isn't very happy:

The Sun and The Mirror published some of these allegations with pictures – on the front page – of John and myself with the respective headlines ‘Pervs of Doctor Who’ and ‘Doctor Who Sex Scandal’.

Despite the addition in minuscule print, a fraction of the size of the blaring headline in The Mirror, that I was ‘not involved’, the casual observer in a newspaper shop would see only one image of a Doctor Who on which to base their assumption of whom the headline was accusing of being the subject of a scandal.

The Sun’s exclusion of me from the allegations was in paragraph twelve of an article on page six. The front page used the word ‘pervs’ and there were two images above it, mine and that of the producer who was not a publicly recognisable face. What other conclusion would the casual observer arrive at but that I was a ‘perv’?
I dont blame him. In my opinion, even if it's not "legally" slander, it most certainly is ethically slander, and I can't imagine they were completely aware of what they were doing and how easily it could be miscontrued (And how unlikely it would be for a passerby reading it through a window not to miscontrue it)

Who the hell wants to be subjected to something like that at anytime in their life, but, especially not when you're in your 70s and 80s and above.
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