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Re: LucasArts done for

John Clark wrote: View Post
Back in the 90s, Lucasarts and Origin games were probably the ones I bought most.
I always hoped they'd get back on form.
Yeah same here. I was an avid Wing Commander fan back then, I remember always having to upgrade my system for the newest Wing Commander game, which always seemed to push the specs way above what I had at the time. I remember having to play X-Wing on the lowest graphic setting (limited or no detail on the ships) so all I would really see were polygons in the shape of what they were meant to be, I remember being amazed when I finally had a system that I could max out the detail and finally see all the things I had been missing.

And yes, X-Wing has to be one of the most difficult games ever. Not sure how I managed to beat it back then, I can't even seem to get past the second tour of duty without a trainer these days - and don't get me started on the expansion packs, which upped the difficulty even more. TIE Fighter, and Dark Forces were favorites of mine too - and to think, no force powers to speak of in any of those games, yet they were still immensely fun. Really enjoyed Jedi Knight, the multiplayer aspect of that game alone made it worth it, not to mention all the custom maps people would make. Spending nights on Microsoft Gaming Zone, or just doing IP matches with friends was a lot of fun.
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