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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

Maybe because its a model but this design looks horribly retro... There were a couple of (type 9 i believe?) shuttles on Voyager that I think mirrored this concept.

The Runabouts from late season TNG and DS9 were the most dope (meaning good) looking auxiliary craft vessels ever. Im surprised there werent at least 3 on Voyager ... Seems no deep space exploration type vessel should be without them.

Enterprise E "captains yacht" was also a great concept.

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This early prototype looked far better, IMO:
The saucer and neck, combined with the exaggerated secondary hull always managed to destroy that rough concept.
It's much better in the concept sketches:
Obviously, the Runabout parts still don't fit in and are one of the elements that would've needed to be modified in later sketches.
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