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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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... If that is the way you took it, that is the fault of your perceptions and not of my intentions.
Perhaps, however, I am applying the rules of common usuage and context whereas you appear to be trying to ignore such relevant considerations. You look to be attempting to claim the meaning of word is to be considered and interpreteted in a vaccum.

If it was intended to cause laughter, great. If it wasn't, great. It caused laughter. Not derision. Laughter is good. Derision is bad. You have decided I meant to be derisive. I didn't.
So laughter is never hurtful or meant to insult or injure? LOL! I'm sure many folks would disagree.

Design that sets out to predict what the future will look like ...
That is a seperate point for debate.

I would (and do) maintain they are not meant to be literal, direct predictions rather they are figurative representations. This is supported by the fact form usually supercedes consideration of function. It is usually desiged to reinforce the predetermined theme or unifying vision of the production.

In most cases they are the results of artists and designers rather then engineers or people with expert knowledge in a given area. The medical props in Trek, for example were designed by artists rather than engineers with expertise in the medical field (though consultation may have been invited).

I tell my guests that I am going to serve them fish and I bring them a turkey and I might get a joke and a chuckle.
And this example applies to what we are saying ... how? You tell folks to expect one thing and deliver something else is in no way what we are speaking to. Unless it is a non-sequitur on purpose then
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