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Re: Unreality celebrates tie-ins

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Good shoutout for, Intellivore it was an amazing book. Loved the creeping horror & tension ramp ups. Data taking it on mindwise was brilliant too.

Dunno if I've even read that New Jedi Order book, they were so amazingly dire compared to the Zahn/Stackpole books I stopped reading them.
Intellivore doesn't get enough love compared to Dark Mirror and Duane's TOS efforts. It's always been one of my favorite! Just bursting with ideas. Back when some people tried to start a Star Trek Novel Encyclopedia (in the pre-wiki days), Intellivore was the first one I wroteu p.

I really like The New Jedi Order, actually. Some are good, some are great, some are not good at all. Enemy Lines I: Rebirth, Star by Star, and Traitor are the peak of the line for me. But I can see why people wouldn't like it-- it goes pretty far out there. I hated the first follow-up (Legacy of the Force) and refused to read the second (Fate of the Jedi).
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