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Re: Ghost in the Shell Arise: 2013

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I'm inclined to think Funimation will license this, but I wouldn't completely rule out Sentai as they've been licensing (and dubbing) a lot recently.
If Sentai licenses this, it's sadly an automatic torrent for me. They've ruined a few shows I liked and thought could've done well on US TV with terrible dubs. They also don't seem to know how to make their subtitles standout without resorting to yellow subs with black borders, which is really annoying.
Everyone has their likes and dislikes, but I've been overall pleased with Sentai's dubs of late. Some of their subs can cause eyestrain, but I don't mind the yellow on black (they switch to white on black with song lyrics or when a second person is talking in the background).

I do think it's more than likely that Funimation will get this new GITS series, though.
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