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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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Would you seriously say to someone "Hey, did you ever see that episode of Star Trek where Kirk raped Uhura?", seriously?
Yes, in a way I have. I have discussed this with fellow fans live and in-person. And I would say, "Kirk and Uhura" were raped - always clear to make that distinction. The negative circumstance of "the kiss" simply disqualify's it from praise - or at least it should.

Kind of reminds me of those psychology experiments were an authority figure instructs a person to abuse another. They keep upping the ante to measure how far folks will go in order to conform with authority - even to the point of denying personal responsibilty and exceeding the professed limits of good conscience.

A heinous act is being protected and defended by virtue of what Trek authorities have put forward as a positive. They've done this by blatantly, purposely misrepresenting the event.

I sincerely cannot help but be fascinited by this phenomena.
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