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Re: Did The Chase destroy Diane Duanes creativity?

James T. Vader wrote: View Post
So all of Duane's aliens, with the ' in their names and the inclusion of Horta's and crystalline spiders, was it all shot to hell when in The Chase it was established that most life in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are humanoid?

"The Chase" is as scientifically stupid as "Genesis" or "Threshold." Evolution doesn't have a predetermined end point like the episode suggests. If the aliens really did seed planets with life, they did a piss-poor job of it because evolution didn't take off on Earth for a few billion years after the seeding. Plus, the message encoded in the DNA would have been just as present in every dog and every tree on Earth.

And it doesn't even have The Beatles in it. Doctor Who's "The Chase" can at least boast of that.

No, I think it's clear that the revelations in "The Chase" were a scam on Professor Galen's part to foster interstellar comity. That makes more sense than what we actually see in the episode.
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