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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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If i am not mistaken, The defiant class was the one built to be a mini Galaxy class ship. And the defiant was in a word... "dope"
The Defiant was built to be a no-frills ship designed mainly for battle, whereas the Voyager could do everything a Galaxy-class ship could do, but in a smaller package.
Im sorry dude but i would much rather be trapped in the delta quadrant on a ship with a cloaking device and pulse phasers..
"Dude," no one really has a choice when it comes to a ship being trapped somewhere.

But to her credit, the Voyager proved to be an extremely resilient vessel that did survive seven years in frequently hostile territory without Starfleet support.
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Personally, I think that looks like crap.

The lines are blocky, the proportions are poor, and those nacelles are terrible. It has the elegance and grace of a 70s station wagon.
I disagree with a lot of that, but I think that that the some Starfleet vessels probably should be more utilitarian in nature rather than stylish.
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