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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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It's because we've wasted over a trillion dollars in that war, killed or maimed too many of our soldiers and over a decade for a hellhole that no army in history has been able to control and never will.

We probably wouldn't have this problem if we were immortal robots, used nukes like bullets and thought we will doing the will of God to wipe them out instead of installing democracy.

The situations are as far apart as shit can get.
Your conclusion is based on the premise that the other side wouldn't also have advanced weapons which is false. Also, they are not immortal and can die if they wish to continue a fruitless fight from long distance.
Based on actually watching the show and not the fantasy inside my own head, both Colonial and Cylon forces seemed fairly evenly matched in terms of one to one firepower. Cylons were superior in terms of sheer numbers. There are two Battlestars remaining, both surviving by pure luck and possibly a Cylon trying to fight her own programming in Galactica's case. Boomer was supposed to destroy Galactica, but she stopped herself. The Cylon's plan was to kill every single human in the universe. Letting a single Battlestar go because they blew up a few Basestars isn't going to make them stop. The skinjobs and the Raiders resurrect if they get killed, making them immortal and also able to learn from their mistakes. Based on what was actually shown on the show, they were willing to deal with humans who resorted to suicide bombings. These bombings did not truly harm the Cylons, they created confusion that helped when the Galactica showed up. At that point the Cylons were just going to nuke the planet and kill anyone left. The only time they actually did damage to the Cylons was when they destroyed the Resurrection Ship. That's with two Battlestars and their Vipers. A single Battlestar randomly attacking Basestars is just running, based on what was actually shown if there are two or three Basestars, a Battlestar is nearly destroyed in minutes. Cain would have never been able to get near the Colonies due to it being crawling with Basestars at the time. They were only able to even go back using captured Cylon ships. The Pegasus would have jumped in, maybe take out a few Basestars before finally getting blown apart. Maybe in a way similar to how she actually went out, but in a less heroic and more suicidal way.
Kicker is destroying the resurrection ship might have actually HELPED Cavil gain more power. Think about it: He was preaching and raging about the evils of being trapped in a flesh body. Nuke the resurrection ship and now he's got a big ole "told ya' so" to shove in the face of his detractors. Hell, given that we only know the outcome of the Galactica and one basestar or renegade Cylons, how do we know that the Mechjobs didn't eventually reclaim their place as the leaders of the Cylone species.

Sure they had more than one resurrection ship (At least two, so Cain did piss all really), but that had to make a few of them sit up and go "Ohhhhhh shit, I could really die out here! You're right Cavil, jack me into a 'botbod."

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Personally I'm glad the fictional character who never existed is dead, especially the way she died.

Team Cylon
You race traitor! How dare you turn you ba...*sees Grace Park and Tricia Hefler* TEAM CYLON FUCK YEAH! I for one welcome our sexpot robo' overlords. By your command ladies.
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