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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

Not interested in the OUAT spinoff (and without Sebastian Stan bringing in his fanbase, I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope for it, assuming it ever gets to air) but the Wachowski-Straczynski collaboration interests me a lot!

Netflix will allow them to have quite a bit of creative freedom since they probably can get by with 2-3M viewers, which means they can appeal to oddball niche tastes and create something unique.

As for the broadcast vs Netflix debate, keep in mind that Netflix is in the brand-building phase of its existence and might consider HoC an investment in their future as opposed to making $$$ right now. Netflix needed something that demonstrated they can play with the big boys, and they did that. Wall Street loved them for it. Mission accomplished.

The game is far from over and I expect Amazon to counterpunch with something big (haven't seen indications of that yet), but Netflix has opened up a big lead in the image/branding contest.

So it's not at all Netflix vs broadcast but rather Netflix vs Amazon vs some other major competitor who might be launched with a lot of money behind it, because now everyone must be aware that either Netflix or a competitor is the future of TV, and nobody can afford to be left behind.
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