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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

randomfan86 wrote:
Cain is even-handed, she was willing to kill her best friend and XO for insubordination so she wasn't treating them any differently. She is heavy-handed with everyone with regard to discipline.
I'll give her that. She kills the innocent and the guilty alike.

Remember, aside from leaving civilians to die, she also deliberately murdered families just to get people to serve her.

I never said it made it "okay". I do not condone or condemn anything she has done. I have purposely tried to avoid any moral judgements in this thread. I am merely putting Cain in the context of war. Everyone in war has used torture, Cain limited it to one person, while the US tortured over 50 individuals.
I never said anything about some action being "right" or "wrong" just because someone else did it. These are damn straw-men. I am once again just bringing up those examples to put Cain in the context of war. And yes, what she did was pretty mild in comparison to scorched earth, internment, and Park's torture/oppression in Korea. I also bring up the US Constitution to show that during war, the constitution gives the executive a lot of power.
Every time you compare her to someone or some action you think is worse, you're trying to cast her in a favorable light. You may not be saying she was "right", but you're trying to justify actions that many of us feel are unjustifiable.

It doesn't matter what others have done. None of that will turn us into Cain fans.

FDR, Park, and Lincoln are all considered good leaders by their people who are clearly willing to overlook their so called morally dubious actions.
Not a troll. She really is my favorite character on the show and I feel she gets too much crap from fans especially when put it in the context of real leaders (Lincoln, FDR, Park) who have done things much worse in war yet are lionized today.
I have a similar response to those arguments each time.
That's true. I'd work on that.

how is what relavent? My point is that the torture/oppression/murder can be overlooked if you have a good leader.
Right. And our point is that it can't.

I call her tactically flawless because Adama admitted as much. In the context of the universe that might've been the right move to go forward. The viewer can only rely on Adama's analysis of it.
That's only true if you assume Adama is never wrong. The viewer can also make up his own mind, which we have.

she is my favorite and has been getting a lot of crap from fans. People have a myopic view of her.
Some people certainly do.

Hope I also get some support from the many Cain fans that I know are out there.
Come back when you find some.
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