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Re: New Webcomic Serial

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And thank you for leaving the m/arcs in the "power pods" where they belong.. I.e. in the nacelles!
Er, maybe I missed something, but where did you get that from?

Matt Jefferies himself. When he was first thinking up the design he thought (quote) "The engines are dangerous, so they ought to be kept out of the way somewhere." So Matt Jefferies' Original Intent was for power to the ship to come from the nacelles ("power pods" in his notations) and not from a single reactor inside any populated part of the ship. The creator talks about this on the "About" page of the web site.

Back on topic: Pretty nice comic.
Thanks Admiral2- I was just going to make something up , but that sums most of it up. TOS also made reference to them a couple of times suggesting that was the case. I posted a thread a while ago citing quotes from the show. Essentially I just copied every single quote into a PDF and did key word searchs (eg- power- pod- engine- warp- et c...)

And hopefully B.J. can open the rest of the page. It's pretty neat. I wished there was more. Oh well.

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