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Re: How widespread is transporter technology?

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For that matter, the stuff around a typical household might not be worth stealing. Why break into someone's home on Earth when pretty much everything there is from a replicator?
Depends on what time period you're talking about. Humans have had the transporter since the mid 22nd century, the replicator since about the early 24th. So the general Human population would have had the possibility of home transporters long before the appearance of the replicator.

And there is the question of just how common the replicator is among the "civilian" population in the second half of the 24th century. From various scenes and stories told by characters in the various series, apparently possession of a replicator in private homes is about fifty-fifty.

Aboard a starship, the replicator pretty much is your only option, that wouldn't be the case on the surface of a planet.

And even today, real (mined from the Earth) diamonds are more valuble that synthetic diamonds (out of a reactor). So in the future, what you might be able to steal, could have more value, than what might be replicated.

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The Federation only did away with economic crimes because of their post scarcity economy, there is no evidence they managed to do away with crime of passion, sex crimes or the impulsive crimes of people with personality disorders.
In previous discussions on replicators, it was conjectured that civilian replicators might be hardwired not to produce certain items, for example illegal drugs. Purchasing unreplicable and illegal items would require the means to do so.

Forget illegal drugs, psychopaths with no regards for other people do not need drugs to cause problems. A rapist with transporting tech, can just transport any victim they want to their home, I don't think women or children would be safe if everyone had a transporter.
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