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Re: Did The Chase destroy Diane Duanes creativity?

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So all of Duane's aliens, with the ' in their names and the inclusion of Horta's and crystalline spiders, was it all shot to hell when in The Chase it was established that most life in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are humanoid?
"The Chase" established nothing of the kind. It merely established that the humanoid races of the galaxy shared a common origin. What the recording said at the climax of the episode was, "Our scientists seeded the primordial oceans of many worlds, where life was in its infancy." Not all worlds, not most worlds, just "many." So there is absolutely no way in which "The Chase" rules out the existence of nonhumanoids.

And Duane is hardly the only writer who's created nonhumanoids. Canonical Trek gave us Hortas, Gorn, Medusans, Excalbians, Tholians, Edoans, Lactrans, Vendorians, Vedala, Calamarain, Devidians, Gomtuu, Sheliak, Trill symbionts, Changelings, Xindi Insectoids and Aquatics, etc. And other novelists have created a bunch more. My own nonhumanoid creations include the Choblik, Irriol, Pak'shree, Redheri, Escherites, Pa'haquel, Vomnin, Fethetrit, squales, and assorted others. David R. George III created the aquatic Alonis. David Mack created the Shedai. Geoffrey Thorne created the Orishans. And so on.

Besides, what does it even mean to "destroy" someone's creativity? That's nonsense. This is all fiction. The creativity behind one work of fiction doesn't cease to exist just because a different, equally imaginary story paints the universe in a different way. Nothing is "destroyed" when one Trek story contradicts another, since none of them are real to begin with. They're just different interpretations of an imaginary premise.
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