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Re: New Possible Spoiler for Harrison and One Other Possible Big Spoil

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Remember all the Bennett-directed misinformation on TWOK? Multiple endings, Spock lives, Spock dies, Spock maybe does?
Rather than mostly being deliberate misdirection, wasn't a lot of that the result of actual changes made by the studio after terrible test screenings, and because of requests by Nimoy to tweak the outcome based on his changing attitude toward continuing to play Spock? I'm not doubting you, I'm just curious because I thought that there were several actual "last minute" changes.
The screening wasn't bad, just folks went out feeling bleak. So you get the addition of the torpedo in Golden Gate Park, and probably the Nimoy 'remember' line, not much else outside of scenes being trimmed.

If you check out the CFQ coverage and the MAKING OF STTWOK, the info there seems to have been pretty accurate; more recent accounts seem to be consistent with those, the only big dif being that Bennett used to say that somebody in his camp at paramount blew the 'spock dies' story very early, and it was only when Shatner and Nimoy started writing their bios that he changed his story to 'GR was the one who blew the spock dies story.' That's about the only aspect I can remember that changed over the years.
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