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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Why would Pam work with Cliff against Bobby and Christopher? I already have a hard time believing Cliff would do it but Pam? No way, not in a million years..

Even if Victoria Principal considered returning to Dallas, I'm sure the moment someone suggested "You'll be playing a megabitch version of Pam out for revenge who orchestrated her son marrying his cousin under a different name!" she would have slammed the door in this person's face and that would have been the end of the negotiations.
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I just don't see any way to bring Pam back that's either inconsistent with the last time we saw her character in 1988 (where she's dying of Writer's Convenience Syndrome, and wants Cliff and Bobby to leave her alone so they'll remember her as Victoria Principal and not Margaret Michaels with some fake burn makeup) or serves as a total distraction from everything that's going on.

That said, I'm still half expecting a major reveal at the end of the season finale where Victoria Principal steps out of a darkened doorway or off a plane.
The woman was in a horrific car explosion. That she made it out alive is a miracle, but psychologically it must have wreaked havoc with her not only to be as disfigured as she must have been, but also to come to the conclusion that she would have to stay away from Bobby and Christopher after only so recently "getting them back." That has to damage someone psychologically, no matter what way you stretch it. I could easily see it just being crazy Pam now hell bent on revenge. More importantly, it would be rather out of left field to have her actually gunning for Bobby and the Ewings with Cliff now. Besides, we've already seen that old characters like Afton (who once got along just fine with characters like Bobby) are now hostile toward the family, so it wouldn't be necessarily without precedent.

Too, I could easily see Pam blaming the rest of the Ewings for all the heartache she had to suffer through, the psychopath behavior of Katherine, the death of Rebecca, etc. Besides, before Bobby Cliff was the only family she had and is likely the only other family she has left.
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