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Re: So, Shatner's Written a Lot of Books...

^^^ Fair statement. Makes sense.

However, in recently re-reading his two "Memories" books (which is what actually prompted me to create this thread), he did a pretty good job elaborating on many of the negative aspects of his life experiences (at times of his own doing), particularly as they apply to Star Trek, and the period of epiphany and introspection he went through during the course of researching material for his projects. This all started with Nichelle Nichols keeping him from leaving after interviewing her for the first book, saying, "Wait - I want to tell you how much I hate you now", or something like that. To his credit, he left a lot of that in there with an admission that her frustrations with him were valid (as well as some of the frustrations that other cast members had with him) and I think, if done properly, could really generate some really good dramatic scenes.
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